Nerd Alert: 5 Job-seeking Perks to Being a Geek

Being super-passionate about a hobby, talent or industry can work in your favor

Questlove, an award-winning musician and member of The Roots, is a self-professed music geek. (Image: File)

There’s a new definition of geek, and it may not look like Steve Urkel. Whether you’re into computers and technology, or have a strong passion for any specialized skill, talent or hobby, geeks have become the new hot commodity, especially when it comes to job candidates.

If you don’t consider yourself a geek, think about the things that really make you want to stay up late at night or keeps your heart skipping a beat. It could be sports, puzzles, and trivia or fashion and beauty; There’s a geek somewhere in you.

Brazen Careerist offers five ways being a geek works to your advantage in the job market and how you can strengthen those nerdy impulses:

1. Your geekiness makes you an obsessive problem-solver.
2. You taught yourself more than you ever learned in school.
3. You mastered work-life balance before it was even a “thing.”
4. You’re flexible to changes, diversity and new ways of learning.
5. You’ve got the drive to make a difference.