Management Tip: How to Facilitate Healthy Conflict in the Workplace

Avoiding disagreements or hiding from them can do more damage than good

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It’s always unfortunate when a valuable employee leaves a company due to faulty leadership and toxic environment, or a small conflict erupts into a full-on crisis. Healthy conflict is a reality in the business world, but how do you manage it as a boss?

Forbes contributor David Roth says that having conflict in the workplace isn’t always such a bad thing, but when managers take a hands-off approach, it can snowball into a major disaster that could have been avoided. He writes:

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about healthy conflict:

  1. It’s built on the rules and code of ethics established as part of company culture. These must be built into your into your company’s cultural DNA from day one on a foundation of trust and respect.
  2. Team members must get away from finger-pointing and work toward perceiving, understanding, and respecting where others are coming from.
  3. Everyone’s opinions matter. They must be able to express them without fear of being bullied.

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