Know Your Worth: Top Jobs For Women

STEM careers show the most promise for women

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Despite the tremendous strides made in gender equality, the fact still remains that there is still a huge disparity when it comes to women and men in the workplace, especially in terms of salary and advancement. Compared with their male counterparts, women will earn less than 90% of a man’s salary. Studies now show that one of the factors contributing to this disparity is the choice of college major. Madame Noire lists some of the top careers that women should consider to have greater financial stability and career fulfillment:

1: Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
Percentage of women: 42%
Women’s median earnings: $100,000
Men’s median earnings: $110,000

2: Information Sciences

Percentage of women: 26%
Women’s median earnings: $75,000
Men’s median earnings: $65,000

3: Chemical Engineering

Percentage of women: 23%
Women’s median earnings: $72,000
Men’s median earnings: $92,000

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