• Veronica Reed

    I need advice on how to open my own Domestic Violence Center. Please send me some information. Thank you.

  • No. . He he can’t transfer ownership of something he doesn’t own. . He would have to pay off the outstanding balance of the outstanding loan before he could transfer the ownership to you. . . There is no law that says you have to be the one driving the car you are financing. As far as insurance is concerned, he could finance the car you are driving. . . In other words, you should be able to transfer the insurance to your name, but if he is going to be driving it, at all, his name has to be on the policy. The only way to lower the insurance would be to put on the policy that he will not be driving the vehicle. If you did that, you need to understand that if he gets into an accident, then your claim will be declined.. . EDIT – Shop around for other insurance. This does not sound right, at all. I am the registered owner of a vehicle my wife drives and is insured on. Unless this is something different between Canada and the US.

  • Vincent A.Pendarvis Sr.

    Ms. Sonia Alleyne/Ms. Aisha Taylor

    Ms. Alleyne, in your article in the December 2011 Black Enterprise magazine, you wrote:” Today, the job market belongs to problem-solvers: those professionals who can see beyond getting a job, and provide real solutions for companies that are competing for business on a global scale.” I am a post-graduate student with numerous years of experience in management of a million-dollar operation and a numerous amount years experience in the human service field.

    Ms. Taylor, tryed to find the “2 Responses to Get Hired!: 5 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed” posted April 28, 2011, but was not able to retrieve that information.

    Ladies to you both, I would like for you to take a look at my resume and perhaps address me to as to why I may be not getting the interviews and job offers. My Resume:


    1049 Eutaw Street, Orangeburg, S.C. 29115
    (803) 268-0239 (H)

    Professional Summary

    OBJECTIVE: To secure a position with an agency that offers opportunities for advancement in Human Services and where coordinating, organizing, counseling and managerial skills could be utilized.


    • Over 9 years’ experience as a Professional Guidance Counselor with certifications in elementary, middle and high school.

    ● Over 8 years as a Job Coach/Employment Specialist providing job placement for individuals with mental, physical, and psychological disabilities.

    ● Over 10 years’ experience as a Manager, Assistant Manager, and Lead Maintenance Personnel

    ● Classroom management for diverse populations, active participation in groups and planned events. Excellent classroom management, teaching, tutoring and counseling, effectively work with parents, board, staff, and general public.

    ● Management, Interview, Job Placement, Office Management, Rehabilitation Trainer, Goal setting, Counseling, Special-Needs Students/Adults, Hiring, Training, Purchase/Ordering, Inventory, Leadership Development, Sales.
    ● Age-appropriate lesson planning, classroom discipline, creative imagination stimulation, audio-visual aid implementation, behavior/social skills development, student motivation

    ● Experience working with students with special needs and ESL, Strong collaborator.


    Orangeburg Consolidated School District #5 08/08 to 05/10

    Guidance Counselor
    Orangeburg, S.C.

    Provided a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program for all public school children at all grade levels, from prekindergarten through grade twelve; consult with parents/guardians, teachers, and other school staff members to enhance their effectiveness in guiding and supporting students in progressing through the grade levels and in planning their careers. Employed activities and techniques to encourage student learning and build community within the classroom, meet with parents to resolve conflicting educational priorities and issues. Designed lesson plans focusing on age and level-appropriate material, successfully improved student participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercises. Plan and conduct educational sessions on various topics as it relates to growing up: Hold group counseling session on conflict resolution, peer pressure, Saying No to Drugs, self-esteem, etc. Conduct extensive individual counseling session when needed by the participants. To aid and enhance participant’s abilities to seek self-sufficiency while enrolled in program. Developed and taught lessons on relevant children’s books, poems, movies and themes to promote student interest. Created and enforced child-based hands-on curriculum to promote student interest and receptive learning. Fostered and maintained a meaningful relationship among students through student field-trips, retreats, and team-work community service projects.

    Central Carolina Technical College / F.E. DuBose Career Center 08/06 to 05/08

    Career Guidance Counselor

    Manning, S.C.

    To help students overcome problems that impede learning and to assist them in making educational, occupational, and life plans that hold promise for their personal fulfillment as mature and responsible men and women; as well as acquainting students, teachers, counselors, school administrators and parents with the purpose of programs and opportunities offered at the Technology Center. In addition, administer and interpret test when appropriate, fostered meaningful relationships among students through student field-trip retreats and team-work community service projects. Organized grade records to increase reference speed. Developed, administered and corrected tests and quizzes in a timely manner. Established and enforced rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among a class of 18 students, developed program to work with students and increase interest in higher learning. Performed student background reviews to develop tailored lessons based on student needs. Designed lesson plans focused on age and level-appropriate material.

    S. C. Vocational Rehabilitation Department 03/98 to 08/06

    Job Coach/Employment Specialist II

    Orangeburg, SC

    Under general supervision, assists clients with the most severe disabilities in the rehabilitation process to help prepare for competitive employment through work assessment, job development, task analysis, and intensive on-the-job training. Provide training in job-related skills needed to obtain a job. Provide hands on training and the development and identification of employers with whom employment relationships can be built, successfully improved student/adult participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercises. Adapted, Advised, Coached, Facilitated, Guided, Empowered, Directed, Collaborated, Enabled, Managed, Reviewed, Streamline, Supported, Trained.

    Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College 10/95 to 10/96
    Testing Coordinator

    Orangeburg, SC

    Organize and administer admissions test for incoming students, examine test results/electronic scanning for test results as well as provide documentation of test results of all students through data entry and filing. In addition, provided counseling to all incoming students. Carry out functions and responsibilities as it pertained to giving orders and conducting evaluations. Attended meetings, trainings, and conferences as required. Collaborated with other area service providers Collected and analyzed data, collected information about clients through interviews, observation, and tests, determined whether clients should be counseled or referred to other specialists, abided by the laws of confidentiality.

    Orangeburg Consolidated School District #5 01/93 to 10/96

    WEBS Counselor

    Orangeburg, SC

    W.E.B.S.- Working to Extend Beyond School; Work with at-risk-students; Plan and conduct programs that relates to juvenile justice, Provide extensive counseling for each program participants, Plans and implements appropriate intervention strategies that are directed toward the elimination of barriers that would limit participant’s abilities to complete their education and become self-sufficient, Worked with approximately 165 students. To serve as a role model for all participants enrolled in the program. Developed interesting course plans to meet academic, intellectual and social needs of students. Developed and taught lessons on relevant children’s books, poems, movies and themes to promote student interest.

    Burger King Restaurant 08/80 to 09/90

    Store Manager

    Orangeburg, SC

    Managed kitchen operations for high grossing, fast-paced fair concession kitchen. Manage and trained kitchen staff on proper use of equipment, food handling, and portion sizing. Supervised kitchen staff of 20 people and ensured proper set-up, food preparation, kitchen clean-up and proper shut down. Increase restaurant revenue from $1.2M to $1.9M and then to $2.8M during 3 years of service while consistently stayed under monthly controllable expense budget, drove food costs down by 33% by effectively improving inventory procedures and reducing spoilage levels, managed food and produce receiving process with 100% accuracy. Responsible for daily set up of five stations. Organized & effectively managed staff, interviewed, hired, and trained new employees, prepared daily transactions, recorded receipts, salary statements, productivity, prepared bank deposits, approved store orders & controlled inventory counts.

    Hardees’s Restaurant 12/93 to 04/94

    Assistant Manager

    Orangeburg, SC

    Organized and coordinated merchandise, approve store orders; prepare daily transaction reports, daily productivity reports, performed administrative task; data entry, filing, customer service. Organized & effectively managed staff. Checked temperatures of freezers, refrigerators, and heating equipment to ensure proper functioning. Checked the quantity and quality of received products, cleaned and inspected galley equipment, kitchen appliances, and work areas. Cleaned and maintained the beverage area, display cases, equipment, and order transaction area Cleaned and organized eating, service, and kitchen areas. Cleaned and prepared various foods for cooking or serving. Cleaned and sterilized equipment and facilities, trained kitchen staff on proper use of equipment, food handling, and portion sizing.


    South Carolina State University 2005

    Counselor Education

    M. Ed Counselor Education

    Orangeburg, SC

    Claflin University 2001

    Sociology / Criminal Justice Administration

    Degree: (BA)

    Orangeburg, SC

    Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School 1980


    Orangeburg, S.C.

    Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

    Completed Real Estate I course.
    Orangeburg, S.C


    CPR Certified, South Carolina Board of Education-Educator Certificate

    Community Involvement

    Board Member-Orangeburg Area Boys & Girls Club, Era of Distinction Social Club, Gods Little Angels, 2007-Current, Boys & Girls Club Basketball Coach 2000


    Omega Psi Phi-Epsilon Omega Chapter, Regional Representative-Excel Communications National Counselors Association National Education Association (NEA),


    BA, Bachelors Sociology/Criminal Justice Administration, M. Ed Counselor Education, Manager, Social Worker, Problem Solver, Continuing Education, Community Involvement, Classroom Discipline, Small/Large Group Counseling, Creative Lesson Planning, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Honor and Awards Correspondent, W.E.B.S Partner, Testing Coordinator, Team Building, Time Management, Program Development, Social Perceptiveness, Public Relations, Speaking, Urban Classroom Settings, IEP’s, Student- Centered Instruction, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Specialized Testing ,Family Involvement.

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