Job Seekers, Beware: 4 Employment Scams to Avoid

Don't let desperation lead you to becoming a victim of fraud

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The process of finding a new gig can be quite long and frustrating, leading to feelings of stress and desperation. And reportedly, some companies are taking advantage of unemployed workers just looking for their next way to make a living. reports on four employment scams to avoid:

The Online Entrepreneur Inc.

This business claimed people could make money via their own website–a seemingly appealing offer.

But the FTC says The Online Entrepreneur falsely told people that, for a $27 fee, they would enable consumers to affiliate with the websites of “big companies” like Prada, Sony, Louis Vuitton and Verizon.

Allegedly, consumers were supposed to earn “commissions” when Internet users clicked through the consumers’ websites and bought products from these retailers.

The only problem was, after consumers bought the program, their websites often didn’t work, or they could only actually use their website if they also purchased a domain name and expensive hosting services.

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