6 Innovative Ways to Get Recruiters to Notice You

Add this strategy to your job-seeking plan for ultimate success

(Image: Thinkstock)

OK, so there are plenty of lists that cite amazing/creative/[insert hype buzz word here] ways to get noticed by recruiters and human resource professionals. But the more tips, options and ideas you have to work with as a job seeker, the better. As the unemployment rate remains high, especially for young professionals and minorities, it’s good to know more ways you can strategically go about landing that dream gig.

Add these creative job-seeking pointers from Brazen Careerist:

  • Lay the groundwork.
  • Get a reference from a current employee.
  • Do the work: solve a real problem.
  • Have an outside reference call the hiring manager.
  • Ask good questions.
  • Give the hiring manager a “token.”