How to Get More Flex Time at Work

Try this strategy to get your ideal work schedule

black woman jumping rope at work


Today’s work environment has changed from the traditional hours of 9-to-5, as more workers, particularly young professionals, seek a more balanced schedule between life and the office. Companies are seeing the value in flex workers, and full-time workers who have dealt with the aftermath of recession have come to re-prioritize importance of grinding it out at the office for hours over actually having a life outside the office.

But how do you get that flex job or ask for a more life-balance accommodating schedule? Brazen Careerist offers the following strategy to get you started:

1. Decide what type of job flexibility you want.
2. Assess how likely your employer is to embrace flexibility.
3. Develop a pitch for a flexible work arrangement.
4. Ask for a trial period.
5. If all else fails, look for more flexible pastures.