Gender Pay Gap in Technology is Biggest in Atlanta

Survey reveals the gender pay gap in tech industry by age, ethnicity, education, location, and department

pay gap
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It’s no secret that the tech industry has a diversity problem–especially when it comes to gender and race. To peel back the layers on the lack of diversity, Comparably released survey results of over 10,000 employees in the tech industry, breaking the data down by age, ethnicity, education, location, and department.

Here are the top four results, compiled by Comparably:

1. Women entering the tech workforce have the largest disparity with their male counterparts, while women over 50 have the least.


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2. Caucasians and African Americans have the largest gender pay gaps in tech, while Hispanic/Latinos and Native Americans have the lowest.

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3. Surprisingly, both women and men in tech make more money on average with only a high school education versus a Bachelor’s Degree.  The largest gender pay gap in tech exists when employees only have “some college” education.

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4. The gender pay gap in tech is most pronounced in Atlanta, and it is least pronounced in Salt Lake City.

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