Cool Jobs: Meet Comedienne Diona Reasonover

TBS' up and coming female comic is more than just a funny girl

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If you’ve ever seen Diona Reasonover on screen, it’s clear that she’s an actress with a whole lot of spunk. Recently landing a role on TBS’ new show Clipped, the female comic, writer and self-proclaimed geek is flourishing in the progression of her craft. Her job may be to make you laugh, but her work ethic is no joke.

Hailing from the Motor City, Reasonover is a regular at UCB on the Maude team Bombardier, as well as Second City.  She’s also appeared on VH1, Disney, Shane Dawson TV, Funny or Die, and has been in a host of commercials. caught up with the up-and-coming comic to talk about her new role in Clipped, diversity on television, and her plans for the future. Tell me a little about yourself.  How did you break into acting and when did you decide to pursue comedy?

Reasonover: Well, this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down – no, just kidding. Don’t sue me, Will Smith. I was born and raised in Detroit. I didn’t grow up thinking I wanted to be an actor, I just kind of did it on the side and figured I’d keep doing it ’til someone made me stop. I’ve had so many jobs before and during acting – I used to always be on Craigslist – just little [acting jobs] here and there to make a couple of bucks while I was in school. My favorite was when I was a barista at the school coffee shop. I didn’t buy groceries the whole time I worked there. I [lived] off pastries and espresso.

Tell me about Clipped, your role, and what attracted you to the comedy?

Clipped is a sitcom set in Boston about a group of high school friends who all work in the same barber shop. Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical, George Wendt from Cheers, and Lauren Lapkus from Orange is the New Black all work at the shop. My character is Charmaine, one of the barbers. She’s that friend who tells you when you’ve messed up. She’s so real. I get to have all this verbal sparring with George Wendt, it’s great.

I love comedy, even more than drama sometimes, because it allows you to be the truest version of yourself. I find comedy in everyday situations and I bring that on screen with me. I love it.

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