Black Enterprise and Walmart Focus on Jobs

BE and Walmart head to Los Angeles in the second job creation forum

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Tomorrow, October 18, 2011, Black Enterprise heads to Los Angeles to team up with Walmart to host 20/20 Vision: Job Creation & Career Opportunities in The Next Economy. Join us as we explore how corporate professionals and entrepreneurs can identify opportunities in emerging sectors of the economy and reinvent themselves for employability, marketability and advancement. The event is the second of it’s kind for BE and Walmart, with the first 20/20 Vision Forum taking place in New York City this summer.

You can follow and weigh in on the discussion and get bonus content on job creation and career development from Black Enterprise via the hashtag #BEJOBSFORUM on Twitter @blackenterprise .

See video below of Black Enterprise CEO Earl “Butch” Graves discussing the importance of 20/20 Vision events, and giving tips on how African Americans can make themselves more marketable in the job market.

Video by Kahliah Laney and Janell P. Hazelwood

  • TheTruthREallyHurts

    Wait, Black Enterprise can’t be serious about this event with Walmart of all companies can they? Is Walmart gainful employment? Should this be what we tell black ppl to strive to do, make 7 dollars a hour only to have a company take an insurance policy out on you and treat you like crap? Walmart shouldn’t even exist as a company it’s a monopoly. It comes into the neighborhood offer cheap crappy china made products whilst destroying local stores. This isn’t Black Enterprise cares, this is Black Enterprise has no clue….

  • LaNell Babbage-Torres

    In Atlanta, we are offering more than a job, we are showing you how to have the American Dream!! RSVP LaNell 404-207-7489