5 Savvy Ways to Recruit Awesome Talent

This strategy will help you attract best of the best

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As new graduates seek new opportunities, now is prime time to attract top talent to your company. Whether you’re a recruiter or head of human resources, these tips will help you get the best of the best in job candidates interested:

Hit up relevant live events. Today’s digital world has created a recruiting environment centered around screens. Your organization will stand out if you get off your computer and attend live events to meet candidates. Having a face-to-face connection with a rising star will leave a lasting impression, while an email can easily be forgotten.

To determine what events to attend, think about who you are targeting, learn where they hang out and then go there. For instance, attend a local hackathon to find hard-to-reach tech geniuses. For harder-to-reach candidates like those in the emerging field of “big data,” you may need to think outside the box and host a special event that will draw in great candidates.