10 African Proverbs to Inspire Every Entrepreneur

From Xhosa to Ashanti, these quotes will inspire

black woman jumping rope at work

It’s no secret that running a successful enterprise is taxing work. Heck, there are books, seminars, and speakers who populate the world with essential knowledge darts that help millions to create the business they want to have.

The work of accumulating references and marketing your company may make it tempting to place your motivation on the shelf and procrastinate. But when times get tough, our hope is that you’ll remember why you started your business in the first place.

For inspiration, use these words of wisdom from Twitter’s own African Proverbs. The page, which has been around since early 2011, tweets short, pithy sayings that originate from the continent and throughout the Diaspora. We can all use a little bit of inspiration from time to time, and if these proverbs energize you, we’ve done our job.

Which quote will be your motto this week? Check out these 10 African proverbs that every business maven can use for inspiration by scrolling through the list below!

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  • Prince Cassius

    Wrong interpretation here. “Do not scare the birds you are going to shoot” is synonymous for don’t bite the hands that feed. In other terms be nice to your customers or constituents

  • Prince Cassius

    “If there were no elephants in the jungle the buffalo will be a great animal.” That has nothing to do with the interpretation. A more accurate would be more like “if wishes were horses beggars would surely ride.” This is mainly for boastful purposes, not intended for business. But I guess you could twist it the way you want.