5 Signs It’s Time To Give Up On Your Dreams

When you've done it all, how do you know when it's time to stop?

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Cultural norms tell us to fight for our dreams, work hard and don’t give up on our business dreams.

But it may be time to tell yourself hard, honest truths. The real reason that you may not be as successful as you should be is your ‘business’ is really a cover procrastination, feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure. You have no idea what you really want. You procrastinate and blame delays on something else — the bank, the partner, or the ‘economy — as the reason why you haven’t hit it big yet.

Here are some signs that you’ve gone too far.  The worst has happened, and it’s time to make a change.

You are homeless or sold your home.


You are still ‘staying’ at your best friend’s place. You can’t build up the savings to move out because everything is going to your business. You sold your home or used up your equity to fund your business.  Now, at 45, you’re coach surfing.

You ruined your credit.


Still taking out those credit cards to have access to those cash advances?  Stop. Your ‘business’ should be making money, and in turn, your business becomes the bank. If you can’t borrow from your business, it’s not a sustainable business. And no, you are not the business.

You lost your dignity.


Need I explain?

You are 60 and still talking about it.


This is when silence is golden. If you had a dream, and 40 years later it’s still a dream, there may be something wrong. Ask yourself, if this is a dream worth talking about anymore. What can you do now that fits who you’ve become?

You haven’t had a real job in over 2 years.


Steady checks solve problems. After failed attempts, there is nothing wrong with seeking a job to help take care of yourself. A job is part of your self-care. The structure it provides may give you that security and focus you need.

When you give up on your dreams, you make room for new ones.  New dreams fit who you are now, not who you were 10-15 years ago.  Don’t be afraid to let dreams die. You may be surprised to know how easy it is to dream again.

Maryann Reid is the Digital Managing Editor of dev.blackenterprise.com.