Leave Justin Combs Alone: Whether Rich or Poor, An Earned Reward is His To Keep

Any wealthy offspring who doesn't embody negative stereotypes should be lauded

Justin Combs earned his $54,000 scholarship, and despite his father's wealth, should keep it. (Photo: File)

Everyone is up in arms about Justin Combs, the son of multimillionaire music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, being awarded a $54,000 scholarship from UCLA. Many question whether he should keep the scholarship, give it away or have it revoked.

*Insert major side eye and kissed teeth here.*

So I guess if he was a high school dropout, impregnated a teen or committed a murder (or been the victim of one), it would be business as usual in the world of public scrutiny.

It’s ludicrous to ask a young man, who is the alumnus of a very prestigious prep school and reportedly graduated with a 3.75 GPA, to give back what he rightfully earned.

Instead of being a drugged-up, party-hard, nepotistic son of a rich man, this guy decides to excel as a scholar and on top of that, pursue his dream of being a football star, and people get upset about that?

He didn’t decide to just skip school, become a music artist and ride the coattails of his father’s connections and affluence.

He didn’t decide to spend his time unapologetically going in and out of drug rehab and criminal courts, with seemingly no regard for the legacy he wants to build or that of his family.

He didn’t skate through high school with barely a 2.0 GPA, nor has he gotten multiple young, puppy love boos pregnant (as of press time).

He didn’t decide to star in a reality show where he and his friends are bedding different women every night, getting wasted at clubs and participating in trifling (albeit entertaining) public foolery.

Where are our values, people?

Isn’t the whole point of great parenting to be able to teach children the right way to go so  that they won’t be adults constantly picking the pockets of the people who raised them? Isn’t it to teach children to excel for themselves, make their own way and build their own lives reflective—yet independent—of the success of those who cared for and mentored them in their impressionable years?

But, wait. I’m about to let you in on a secret when it comes to millionaires and their money.

I’ve interviewed, been in the company of and talked to plenty, so I know.

*Shhhh … come close. Don’t want everyone to hear. Top secret info here.*

Millionaires are human too. (Go figure.) They too want the chance to smile and be proud that their children can hold their own, are able to walk on their own two feet (and financial merit) and pay their own way through life.

I’m sure Justin Combs is proud to say that he earned that scholarship by being what he should— a scholar who can compete in a working world where many may not care who your father is at the end of the day, in a world where you have to show and prove based on what you can uniquely contribute. (Though money can open many doors, it can’t, for example, buy intelligence, business savvy, athletic tenacity, or ingenuity.)

Instead of throwing salt on an accomplishment that should be lauded, especially as a great example to other young, black youth, leave Justin Combs alone and let him tread his own path to success independent of his daddy’s stacks.

  • Iammey

    I’m going to disagree. While I do believe that he should be awarded for his efforts, the millionaire parent (Diddy) should step in, and say “Son, I’m proud of you for earning this scholarship, however, we don’t NEED free money.”  Now that Justin has been awarded the scholarship, I think that giving it back would be the best thing. He now has the option to delegate where the money goes, maybe he could pick a student who is struggling financially to get through UCLA. $54,000 is a drop in the bucket to someone like Diddy. That’s a few cases of Ciroc.  I am proud of Justin for his accomplishments, and I’d be proud if he added philanthropy to the list of things he’s done. 

    As for the school revoking his scholarship, that’s just not right. 

    • A fool and his money shall soon part ways. Only a fool would do that.

  • It is my earnest belief that he should by all rights be recognized as earning the scholarship, HOWEVER… I truly feel that being the son of someone worth nearly half a billion dollars he should most certainly donate his scholarship to someone just as academic yet far less fortunate… show us your humanity young buck…

    • That is his father’s money. You dont know if his dad told him that he was on his own for college. He and is father are two separate ppl. His father may not be footing his school bill. For all we know that may be his motivation for doing so well.

  • Kwarmack

    The 2 comments that were filed clearly missed the message.  Justin Combs legitimately earned the scholarship.  He owes no one an explanation nor should he have his dad pay his way.  Everyone that has commented has pointed out about giving someone else the chance at the scholarship as if this was based on need.  The scholarship was based upon his (Justin’s) efforts.  If any one else wants a scholarship, then they need to do the same thing Justin did and earn the scholarship.  

    Leave this young man alone and go get your own!!

  • GirlyGirl

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with this article! Our community is a trip sometimes. Why should he donate a scholarship he EARNED?? Please! This fall, there will be thousands of entitled white college freshman starting school on scholarship and their families will feel no guilt about accepting the money.

  • Sylveebee

    The scholarship wasn’t need based- he earned it fair and square. If someone else was in the running for it they had a level playing field. He should keep it if he wants to- If PDiddy wants to do something- donate funds for an equal amount to a student in need-so be it. But this was based on academics. If he gave it back 1/2 of the people commenting would say he was arrogant and flashy because he doesn’t need the money. If he keeps it based on HIS merit- then he’s greedy. If the kid is smart- KUDOS to him! He’s showing he has the brains to make it for more than just being Sean Combs kid. Congrats to him and may he have continues success in the future.

  • The young man earned it so it should not be an issue.

  • Vessel

    It is so amazing how we can quickly come to a conclusion of the matter without all facts.  This young man didn’t ask for the award.   Somebody believed that he earned & deserved it.  His dad is very rich from what we’ve been told.  But Justin, not his dad, achieved the accomplishment.  We don’t know what Justin, Diddy, or anybody else in their family has donated to others to make their lives better.  I’m a believer that what you sow, you reap.  Perhaps Justin is just reaping what he’s sown.  There is a saying the simply says, “Favor ain’t fair”.  It looks like to me that Justin is abiding in some favor.  Kudos to him.

  • The young man earned it. He should get it. Period! I don’t care how much his father makes. This is the start of this young man starting on his on path.

  • Workingmom11267

    I believe he should be able to keep his scholarship.  He worked hard and studied hard and earned it.  Congrats Justin.

  • Maurice Reese

    You  really have to be kidding me, if you think he should give the money back! That’s his daddy money! Common now! He worked hard for that scholarship and now he should give it back because his daddy has money? Are you for real? The one’s that think that he should give the money back are usually the people with no education! That’s saying sit on your ass and don’t work hard, daddy will take care of you. Work and you will be rewarded! It’s that simple! 

  • Itsawesomeme

    He earned it, then it is his. Obviously it was not based on financial need so he did the work he qualified he get’s the scholarship. We should not weigh his success based on his fathers checkbook!

    Did we even give him a chance to say anything. Maybe his father (if he so chooses) will match a scholarship for another student. We are so quick to comment and judge these days.

    I wish him well and much success in life!

  • Give the kid a break… He EARNED IT! GOOD JOB …FYI UCLA COSTS $54780 for nonresidents.  Diddy pay the $780 and tell the haters GOD BLESS YOU TOO.

  • Ksimmons

    He also played on the GOON SQUAD 7v7 All Star team in which he he did community service as well as play football.

  • Steven Lemon

    But I thought the purpose of scholarships was to help those who otherwise could not afford the cost of college.

    I owner if there would be any hooplah if this was the son of “Donald Trump or Rush Limbaugh.
    Finally, to say “So I guess if he was a high school dropout, impregnated a teen or
    committed a murder (or been the victim of one), it would be business as
    usual in the world of public scrutiny”. is itself an insult to Black people everywhere.