How to Get Into Black Enterprise

It's been a dream for generations of entrepreneurs. Here's how to increase the odds of it coming true

They made it. Why not you?

On a daily basis, via e-mail, phone, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, or face-to-face at conferences, in restaurants and even in the streets, we editors face the eternal question: What do I have to do to get into Black Enterprise?

Loyal B.E. readers know that this is far from an impossible dream. While we occasionally feature famous business people and industries (such as sports and entertainment) driven by celebrities, we’ve never been a celebrity-driven media company. You have a far better chance of being featured in the magazine if you are a viable small business owner, a successful executive or a typical black family, than you do if you’re a recording artist, actor or pro athlete.


They made it. Why not you?

All you have to do is look at the issues of B.E. published in 2009 to see this. Yeah, we had President Barack Obama on our March cover. (What can we say? He flies off the newsstand.) And our February cover featured several of the “100 Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America”; admittedly, not an easy club to get into.  However, the covers of the January, April and May issues feature young business owners, a family and a young investor–people just like you. And the vast majority of the people inside the magazine are also like you or like people you know. Why not you?

Starting this week, I will begin giving you some answers to that question, in a regular blog called “How to Get Into B.E.” I’ll start out focusing on entrepreneurs, but in the weeks and months to come, I’ll cover what we are looking for when it comes to stories ranging from career profiles to the families featured in our monthly Wealth for Life features. I’ll be bringing you insights straight from the editors of our magazine and website, as well as the producers of our television shows and national networking events. I’ll cover what we look for in a segment for Our World with Black Enterprise, or what we have in mind for our “Entrepreneur of the Week” segment of the Black Enterprise Business Report. I’ll also provide insight into how we select speakers and panelists for events such as the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference.

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  • Thanks for this wonderful tip on how to get into BE. I will follow future post on facebook and anywhere else I see it. I will also spread the word.

    Keep Rising
    ShaChena Gibbs

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  • Hey Alfred, good start to a great series. Looking forward to reading future entries. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t understand the etiquette, professionalism, and tactics when dealing with the media of any form. So kudos to you and the editors for tackling this important subject.

  • topseekrit

    Hi Alfred,

    Great post. I’m looking forward to the series, getting into magazines has always been a mystery to me. Last year I told someone I’ll be featured in B.E. one day, so I’ll be taking notes!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hassan May Riggs

    My man,

    Thanks for the valuable insight. I’ll get there a lot sooner than most think.

    Thanks and be well…

  • Bea Hanks


    I loved this blog. People need to know they really CAN get into the pages of BLACK ENTERPRISE…even on the cover.


  • Michelle

    Nice post! BE is my favorite mag; at least every other edition has a feature on someone that I know personally, or have been acquainted with. So yes people, you can “get into Black Enterprise.” 🙂 I also follow BE on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

    See you next month in Detroit!

  • Great post! I love Black Enterprise Magazine. I just finished a marketing book called A2Z Inspirational Marketing and it is in the production phase. I’m waiting on a release date from the publisher and was thinking a few weeks ago how can I get into Black Enterprise Magazine! Thanks for the information!

    SD Harris.,MBA,BBA

    • You just gave me another idea for a future post: What entrepreneurs and others should do to have their book mentioned, reviewed or excerpted in Black Enterprise Magazine or at BlackEnterprise.com. Thanks!

  • Hello, Alfred. Thank you for your very timely blog, and for your future articles on this subject. I am featured in the May 2009 issue (On The Move). Not only am I thrilled to have been granted the opportunity to showcase my talents and accomplishments, but I am honored and humbled to be featured in this prominent business vehicle amongst the multitude of those whom I have admired throughout my career. I love Black Enterprise, and as it continues to speak positively to its constituents, I know that it loves us all right back!


    Maureen S. Greene James
    PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • To Mr. Alfred Edmond jr,

    Thank you for the info on how to get into Black enterprise magazine i guess grannie was right dream Bigger AND BIGGER and don’t stop.


  • love the site to.

  • Jon Powell

    I’ve heard of BE a few times but never really checked into it now. I was just talking to a friend about the problems I’ve been running into recently with starting my business. I’m 16 and live in the state of Missouri and to corporate a business here you have to be at least 18 years old. She referred me to BE and I ended up here. This blog gave me some great ideas on marketing for when I do get into business soon. Great site, great organization.

  • I was at my hairdresser getting my hair done, and came across your magazine, just opening the first couple of pages had me very intrigue. Articles in your magazine really made me see myself through these articles. I lost my nephew to Gun Violence in 2002, I started a program just to make sure youths from Pre K to college had the school supplies that was needed for school. The first year of my program, and which was the same year I lost my nephew, I gave away school supplies to 850 youths who attended the event, this past August 2009, I had in attendance well over 10,000 youths and their parents attend our 8th Annual Youth Day BBQ. I just recently opened up a Youth Center in June 2009, in where we have 200 + youths a day alone with their parents. I never thought this was the path after my nephew death I would follow, but this is the path that GOD had created for me to go. I would love to share my story with others around the world. In May 2008, our program was aired on the Live Regis & Kelly show, and since the segment of the show was aired I offered my assistance to others to start up programs for youth in their school districts. So i am looking forward to one day to share my story with your readers.

  • I think it’s less about “getting in” and more about being authentic and original. Magazine coverage is an awesome tool for leveraging exposure but you also have to offer editors something worth repeating to their audience.

    With that said I wrote an E-book called Blog Your Passion that I think your readers may be interested in. Blogging is newsworthy and I’m the first African American woman to write a book on the blogger lifestyle. Here’s a link here:


    I would love to be featured or written about on Black Enterprise cause I truly do feel that I’m offering something of inspiration.

    GT/Melinda Lewis

  • Alfred,

    Thanks a million for the post. I look forward to interviewing with you soon.


  • Anthony Gordon

    I would like to say that I am a small business owner, in which I am a Pastry Chef that’s looking to find out how I can be featured as an article in your magizine. Please inform me what it will take for me to do so. Thank you…

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