Restaurant Agrees to Offer Church Discount for Atheists After Investigation

State rules that the restaurant must offer discounts to atheists.

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Restaurant Agrees to Offer Church Bulletin Discount for Atheist Publications After InvestigationA Cajun restaurant in Pennsylvania has agreed to accept atheist publications towards it’s Sunday church bulletin discount. The restaurant, Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia, Pennsylvania, had been offering a 10% discount to customers who present a church bulletin to their waitress on Sunday.

An atheist who never visited the restaurant and only found out about the discount via the internet felt the offer was unfair and discriminatory. He in turn contacted the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission which began an official investigation.

Sharon Prudhomme, the owner of the restaurant who does not attend church either, said she felt she had a right to offer the Sunday discount, and saw no difference between it and the special price cuts she gives children and senior citizens.

“I’m an American. This is an independent restaurant,” she said. “I can do as I wish and I’m going to continue to offer the church bulletin discount.”

This week, Prudhomme agreed to settle the matter with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

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