Demetrius Walker, Co-Founder of dN|Be Apparel, Merges Urban Fashion and Conscious Messaging

The young entrepreneur beat the odds, starting his own company after college

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Demetrius Walker along with with six friends from college started a clothing company, dN|Be Apparel (Image: Source)

When Demetrius Walker was presented with an opportunity to better himself, he took it. Since deciding that attending the Taft Boarding School in Connecticut was the best way to elevate in academics, he hasn’t looked back– nor questioned his instinct. That’s why through both of his companies, he speaks about the importance of following the right path like he did.

“When I was growing up I was picked on not because I was the stereotypical nerd with suspenders and glasses, but for getting good grades,” Walker said. “On report card day I’d be hiding it. For some reason, getting all A’s was a negative thing.”

Regardless if young black males believe good grades are cool or not, Walker has made it his business to assure them that the best future is backed by a realistic plan and an education.

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