New FCC Rules Exclude the Way Blacks Get Online

Are you a blogger? Do you use a smartphone? Here are the reasons you should pay attention the new FCC rules

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Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to adopt rules that will affect the way average people receive data and other content over the Internet. The results of the vote — meant as a compromise between the interests of big business and the needs of “the little guy” — are likely to have a disproportionate impact on minorities.

Dubbed “net neutrality” rules, they are meant to fulfill a promise that President Barack Obama made to protect a “level playing field” for all comers to the online space and prevent Internet service providers from blocking or slowing down Web traffic out of competition or greed.


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  • The Small Businesses, The mom and pop stores or the Little Store fronts who put their livelihood on the line to start and has the hopes of succeeding with an “EVEN PLAYING FIELD” in business, services and enterprises that can lead to potentially great success. Many former business leaders and owners started off with that very same small hope of intention to be successful. Government should govern these factors and insure them and give all people the same leverage and opportunity that is afforded to some as to most and to all.

    Signing, Perry Jackson Founder/Owner/C.E.O./Pres. of Media Mega Force Est. Since 1992