With Hill Harper

He’s at the top of his game. In 2005 he garnered an NAACP Image…

By Kenneth Meeks


The Future Of Black Business

One billion dollars. Not long ago, that sum resided in a distant constellation of…

By Earl G. Graves, Sr.


Roberts Brothers Cash In Big On Alamosa Deal

Sale provides revenue to purchase upscale hotels across the country

Siblings Michael Roberts Sr. and Steven Roberts Sr., owners of Roberts Cos., based…

By Glenn Townes


Women + Power = Success

Our Women of Power Summit provided a venue for power networking, strategic advice, and spiritual rejuvenation

Know your corporate DNA, realize that risks are necessary for extraordinary achievement, always know…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Exit Gracefully

Follow these safeguards to make sure wealth is transferred to the next generation

“Once you have kids, you can’t be a kid any more,” says Dahari Brooks,…

By Donald Jay Korn


The Right Way To Do A Home Inspection

The Joneses had their home inspected to make sureit was radon-free.

When Tony Jones and his wife, Nikkia, bought their first home in Atlanta in…

By Cherie L. Berkley


Can Young Black Men Be Saved?

Our Board of Economists examines the lost potential of African American males and develops a prescription to improve their fortunes

Before David Muhammad graduated from elementary school, he was well on his way to…

By Matthew S. Scott


A Prescription For Success

Finding career opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry

Lonnel Coats began his career as a sales rep for a beverage company in…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Top Chefs

Six culinary greats take the fine dining experience to the next level

The artistic presentations are too mesmerizing to disturb, but the aromas of these creations…

By Renee Brooks Catacalos


Growth & Opportunity

Though new to the BE 100S, these CEOs made moves to create multimillion-dollar enterprises

Change is inevitable. That’s what Tilmon F. Brown realized in 1994 as he stared…

By Nicole Marie Richardson


Through the Fire

Now that Carver is out of the woods, Deborah Wright is out to make this community bank compete withbig-city players

Deborah C. Wright’s office doesn’t have a Park Avenue view. Instead, she looks down…

By Philana Patterson


Financial Services Eligibility

B.E. Banks
These are commercial banks or savings and loans that are classified by the…

By BlackEnterprise.com


Command Performance

Spurred by a strong consumer demand for luxury cars, the Fitzpatrick Dealership Grouprules the road with its foreign imports

At 8:21 a.m. on an overcast friday, Ed Fitzpatrick is putting his black 2006…

By James C. Johnson


Black Gold

Kase Lawal's business prowess, along with a spikein oil prices, is fueling CAMAC International's riseto the nation's second-largest black business

Kase L. Lawal approaches the podium with his usual serenity. He looks at the…

By Alan Hughes


Down for the Count

In business, there are always casualties. Some will remain on the canvas while others position themselves to fight another day.

For every legendary pugilist, there’s a string of would-be challengers who never reach boxing…

By Alan Hughes


Full-Service Business Help

The Fitzgeralds are among many black entrepreneurs turning to an incubator to ensure their success

It has been said that small businesses are the engine of the American economy.…

By Carolyn M. Brown



These companies are battling with competitors to move up the ranks and, possibly, get a title shot

There’s a fine line separating the champions from the rest of the pack. To…

By Alan Hughes



Some companies are knocking out the competition by gaining new clients and market share

What do all prizefighters have in common? Proficiency in the sweet science, of course.…

By Alan Hughes


Fighting To Win

34th Annual Report On The Nation's Largest Black-Owned Businesses

Champions. Contenders. Down For the Count. These categories best characterize the companies that constitute…

By BlackEnterprise.com


Future Plans In Real Estate

Chris Butler is positioning his finances to become a property owner

Chris Butler’s vision for his life is clear: to become a homeowner and landlord.…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash