Wall Street Rogues

Fast cars, women, and cash. These financial whizzes had it all. But some of them crossed the line to get rich and ended up serving hard time, creating scandals that continue to affect the black investment community.

Alan Brian Bond had it all. He lived an opulent lifestyle that included shopping…

By Alan Hughes


Not Just Singing the Blues

Depression is a serious medical affliction that can alter quality of life, or in extreme cases, end it.

In 1995, Rene Ruballo noticed a troubling change within him. This now retired New…

By Keisha Anderson


The life of a landlord

Acquiring the building is just the beginning. Maintaining tenant relations is critical to becoming a successful property manager.

If you think that landlords have little to do after the first of each…

By Donald Jay Korn


Reputation Equals Profits

The power of your reputation can be a tangible business strategy

Soul Food: 52 Principles of Black Entrepreneurial Success by Robert L. Wallace is a…

By Robert L. Wallace


Getting the Corner Office

How to avoid the mistakes women make that put them outside the power circle

G. Arlivia Babbage Gamble is used to being the only female or African American…

By Maureen Jenkins


Getting It Right The Second Time Around

Early retirement proved costly for Shirley Malone

Early retirement sounded like a good idea to Shirley Malone two years ago. She…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Making Their Own Money

The Alphonsos created a currency system to teach their children how to handle finances

Friday is payday in the Alphonso household. That’s when Ryan, 10, and Brianne, 8,…

By Lisa Armstrong


Auto Dealer Dilemma

Q: I purchased a new minivan, [however], I did not ask how much…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Spam Could Be A Scam

Internet tricks are becoming high crimes

These days, every computer should come with a warning: User beware! Internet surfers…

By Siobhan Leftwich


A New Money System

Daily organization is the key to financial fitness

If your money management system has you drowning in piles of receipts, bills,…

By Tamara E. Holmes


Watch Out For The ATM Caper

Thieves are setting up shop at your local cash machine

You’re running low on cash and there’s not a bank in sight. But wait,…

By Siobhan Leftwich


Champagne toasts

Brian Nembhard schools us on the best of the bubbly

Champagne is the festive wine par excellence, says Brian Dalkeith Nembhard, president and…

By Sean Drakes


Northern Exposure

Copenhagen is Kenneth Smith's home court

Icy winters don’t prevent Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city, from being one of Scandinavia’s…

By Chana Garcia


A Royal Send-off

The Queen Mary 2 launches in style and splendor

The echo from a past era could be heard for 10 miles. It was…

By John Simons


She’s Got A Brand New Bag

TV producer's designs express her inner child

Unable to find the bag she was looking for — one with a…

By Maureen Jenkins


Get Serious About Saving

Q: I am a 31-year-old, newly divorced mother of four. I have an…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.


After-school Program transforms Lives

Earnestine Russell-Drumgold struggled to create a safe haven for kids

Dave Jones was a 17-year-old self-described street hustler in Baychester, New York, when…

By Tamara E. Holmes


The Steps to Success

Faith can lead the way

Business and religion can coexist, according to David L. Steward in his book Doing…

By Stephanie Young


Business Dining Etiquette

Beat your competition with winning table manners

“I could not believe it. Several peers and I were out to lunch with…

By Kimberly Hamilton-Wright


Pay Checks

Q: When searching for a job, how do you find out salary information…

By Sonia Alleyne