8 Ways To Change Your Financial Life

These basic but powerful strategies can boost your net worth

These are tough times for the sort of scrimping and saving required to boost…

By James A. Anderson


Mid-Year Maneuvers

With these astute approaches, the second half of 2004 can be less taxing than the first half

Summer time is neither lazy nor hazy for Brigitte Johnson Herron, 46, of Silver…

By Donald Jay Korn


What The Next Election Means For You

Our economists review the impact of bush's economic policies and offer their outlook on the presidential race

Carolyn Samora’s future is uncertain.
After working 14 years as a teachers’ aide at the…

By David C. Ruffin


Remembering Maggie Lena Walker: The Making Of A Black Bank

Walker became the country's first woman president of a financial institution and founded one of the nation's oldest surviving black-owned banks

Maggie Lena Walker’s story, and the organization to which she dedicated her life, begins…

By Gertrude Woodruff Marlowe


Time To Venture Abroad

Exporting is a multibillion-dollar industry that can be extremely lucrative -- if you're properly prepared

Michelle E. Wilson’s star was on the rise. A model since the age of…

By Alan Hughes


They Pay You To Do What?

They're not your typical 9-to-5, and that's what makes these jobs fun

Many children dream of becoming firemen or doctors or lawyers when they grow up.…

By Christina Morgan


Full-Contact Finance

Paul Viera's take-charge approach to business has him at the top of the money game

Talk about managing money with Paul Viera, CEO of Atlanta-based EARNEST Partners (No. 2…

By Matthew S. Scott


Merger By Design

In an economic environment with shrinking profit margins, the key to survival is growth by acquisition

You might think that coming out of a year when the Dow Jones Industrial…

By Jeffrey McKinney


The Magic Touch

Carol H. Williams Advertising conjures up winning campaigns and huge billings using an enchanting mix of business savvy, creative talent, and unbridled passion

The agency is illuminated by color and and light — a blend of the…

By Sonia Alleyne


Now that black is in, are black agencies out?

The African American market surges, but black agencies battle mainstream shops for the opportunity to deliver their message.

Whether it’s the halftime show at the Super Bowl or the entry of words…

By Cassandra Hayes


What Lies Beneath

Scratch the surface of these new entrants to the B.E. 100s list and you'll find smart planning, successful growth strategies, and a strong commitment to quality

What lies beneath the surface of a successful African American firm? Hard work? Definitely.…

By Dale Coachman


The New Frontier

Auto dealers are rethinking the way they do business and finding new solutions to old challenges

Vision and intellect were two strengths that African American auto dealers exploited to stay…

By Cliff Hocker


The Prince Of South Beach

R. Donahue Peebles has built a real estate empire with the posh Royal Palm Hotel and a pipeline of deals in South Florida. And he's not finished yet.

R. Donahue Peebles sits at the head of a conference table in a makeshift…

By Alan Hughes


The Tough Get Going

In a merciless business environment, the B.E. INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 produced a number of casualties -- and winners

Whether the blame falls on the sluggish economy, take-no-prisoners competition, or poor business management,…

By Sakina P. Spruell


Only The Strong Survive

The 32nd Annual Report On Black Business

In today’s environment, B.E. 100s companies must be fit, fast, and inventive to not…

By Derek T. Dingle


A Life Pursuing Real Estate

After being laid off from his job, John Young is shifting to a career managing properties

When John Young was downsized from his job last year, he didn’t throw a…

By Sheryl Nance-Nash


Giving While You’re Living

By Carmen Brown

When Brenda Brandle, a cafeteria manager in the Los Angeles Unified School District, decided…

By Carmen Brown


Pipe Dreams

Musician blows smoky grooves

Peterson, Castello, Savinelli — blue-chip pipe brands. They are the favorites of saxophonist…

By Joseph Dumas


On Tokyo’s Terrain

Eric Prideaux's Asian exchange

Home to 12 million residents, metropolitan Tokyo is vast, unruly, and spreads across…

By Joseph Dumas


In the Bag

Madeleine Moore is packed and ready to go

When experienced traveler Madeleine Moore takes monthly business jaunts around the country, she…

By Laura Egodigwe