Don’t Call it Cognac

Normally, the best things in life will cost you. An exception is Imoya…

By Sonia Alleyne


Bullish Steps

A brave traveler tackles el encierro4and lives to run another day

At sunrise, a large crowd advances toward wooden barricades erected to protect storefronts and…

By Donnovan Andrews


The Triathlon Man

Willard Alonzo Stanback's winning spirit

Willard Alonzo Stanback challenges himself physically beyond what most can fathom. As a…

By Cheryl Ann Wadlington


Don’t Be Scared, Be Smart

Q: I read your article “Schemes on the home front” (Shopsmart, October 2000)…

By Sonia Alleyne


Check-In Smarts

Website gives great hotel tips

Did you know that your vacation stay at a high-end property could cost…

By Sonia Alleyne


Packaged To Go

Know what your vacation deal really includes

Valerie Mitchell and her husband, both advertising executives in Los Angeles, wanted a…

By Michael Bennett


More For Your Money

Frat Group Leverages Its Clientele

We understood that we had a product we could sell and that product was…

By Lee Anna Jackson


Dial Again

Choosing the right cellular phone provider

Tonya K. Payton, owner of S&S Associates, a public relations and event planning firm…

By Ann Brown


Learn and Grow Rich

Dennis P. Kimbro, management consultant, educator, speaker, and author of What Makes The…

By Dennis P. Kimbro


A Tough Review

Q: For the past year, I have been employed as a personnel assistant.…

By Alfred Edmond, Jr.


Just What The Boss Ordered

Use the tips prescribed to ensure professional longevity and physical well-being

African American professionals are dying to make it to the top4literally. Their lives are…

By Monique R. Brown


Retire This!

For Baby Boomers, Retirement Doesn't mean The End; It's Simply The Start Of Something New

Ralph R. Pettiford never thought he would be a victim of company restructuring. But…

By Phaedra Brotherton


Behind the Scenes

Ex-cop Bernie Young runs the show as Rosie O'Donnell's right-hand man

On the credenza in a coveted corner office that overlooks the ice skating rink…

By Caroline Clarke


Get Ready For The Post-Bear Bounce

Boost Your Portfolio's Returns By Finding Sectors Poised For A Market Rally

Rodney M. Bagley is always on the lookout for his next investment opportunity. The…

By Matthew S. Scott


Hip-Hop Economy

From New York to Nepal, Hip-Hop has become America's leading culture export

On a rain-soaked March afternoon, rap artist Jay-Z and his partner, Damon Dash, are…

By Alan Hughes


An Inheritance Hits Home

Mary Warner and Her Family Must Handle A Delicate Sharing of Family Assets

Like many 40-year-old couples, Mary Warner and her husband, Carlton, are feeling “the squeeze.”…

By Matthew S. Scott


Investigate Before Buying

Using an online tool called EDGAR can make you a better stock picker

Janice Williams doesn’t have a problem with making sacrifices today to reach tomorrow’s financial…

By Claire Hunte


Give Me a Break

Q: I am a stressed out legal secretary. I have a lot of…

By Sonia Alleyne


Takes the Cake

Amy S. Hilliard's sweet successes

Comfort Cake Founder and CEO Amy Hilliard (Image: Courtesy of Subject)
Name: Amy S. Hilliard
Age: 47

By Ronald E. Childs

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Mr. Melody

Wendell Hanes' 30/60-second rhythmic pitch

Name: Wendell L. Hanes
Age: 30
Occupation: Music Composer and Sound designer
Location: Bang Music; New York, NY

By Sonia Alleyne