Decisions Decisions

Confused about whether you should be investing in stocks or mutual funds? Read on.

A self-professed aggressive investor for the past two years, Joseph Smith can enjoy hobbies…

By Jeffrey McKinney


Onward & Upward

B.E.'s 2000 Small Business Award winners are flying high. Here's why.

Whether they’ve decided to make a career move into unknown territory, made the transition from…

By Mark Richard Moss

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Deals Deals Deals!

Making connections at the B.E./Bank of America Entrepreneurs Conference, the premiere networking event for black businesses

Wanna make a deal? You know, the bottom-line-enhancing kind of deal? If the answer…

By Mark Richard Moss


Gaining The Competitive Edge

Small black firms are forging alliances and applying new technology in order to increase market share and boost profits

Deborah Sawyer has found a brass tacks way to position her $6 million engineering…

By Sonya Kimble-Ellis


Filling The Right Prescription For Wealth Building

B.E. gives this year's financial fitness contest winners a check-up

Providing remedies for the financial problems of African Americans has been one of the…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Bad Hair Days

Today, few ethnic haircare products are owned by black companies. Their decades-long legacy has been lost to mainstream manufacturers.

After growing the haircare market from the roots, black-owned haircare manufacturers are splitting at…

By Cliff Hocker


Where The Present Meets The Past

Jerusalem is rich with historic ambience

The echoes of the past combined with the hurly-burly of today reverberate in…

By Bertha Rush Summers


The Need For Speed

Account exec goes mountain biking for thrills

Most people would slow down if they were approaching a cliff on a…

By Sonja Mack


6 Degrees Of Motivation

They're the sources of inspiration for the new worker. Find out which ones stimulate you to perform at your peak.

The project team had gone the limit, putting in several all-nighters and weekends to…

By Barbara Moses, Ph.D.


Just Like New

Q: Are there any laws that protect the consumer when purchasing refurbished products,…



Online Shoppers Beware

Tips for buying over the web

Consumers are expected to spend 20% of their holiday budget shopping online. To…

By Leslie E. Royal


Save Time And Money On The Net

Online discount sites comparison shop for you

It’s Christmas time again and a great alternative to yuletide shopping in the…

By Leslie E. Royal


Winter Auto Guide

Reviews of 16 vehicles arriving in 2001

Acura MDX |
Based on the Honda’s leading Odyssey minivan, the Acura MDX solves…

By Jay Koblenz


A Smooth Ride

Smart cars that dispatch emergency help and purchase hard-to-get tickets

Imagine driving late at night in a part of town totally unfamiliar to you.…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Smart Credit Card Use

Looking out for your own interests

As you gear up for the bustling holiday season, you’ll be shopping for the…

By Leslie E. Royal


The Art Of A Comeback

See how gallery owner Simone Dewey changed her tune and redesigned her life

Simone Dewey has always been able to navigate the detours that have sprung up…

By Brenda Campbell


Keep On Moving

You’ve set your goals, and you’re on the path to achieve them. But…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Give It A Rest

Follow these and get your zzz's

Remember the good ol’ days when sleep was a reward for a hard…

By Hasani Pettiford


The Long Day Ahead

A streamlined workload is the ticket to more time spent outside the office

Cell phones. E-mail. These modern wonders of the work world were supposed to make…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Make The Connection

It’s one thing to work a room full of strangers and come away…

By Robyn D. Clarke