African Brews

Imported beers are cooling off the season and heating up the market

While dining out with friends over the years, Edmund Nosegbe, president and CEO of…

By Joyce Jones


Baggage Heaven

Lost any luggage at the airport lately? It may just wind up at…

By Ann Brown


Miles for your mortgage

These days you can earn frequent flier miles with just about any purchase,…

By Ann Brown


Returning Lemons

A look at how defective products are recalled

Ever wonder how a product comes to be recalled? Nicolette Humphries, spokesperson at…

By Ann Brown


Sorting Through The Mail

Beware: your mailbox could be a magnet for fraud

Mary Ann Campbell is still scratching her head, wondering how her name and address…

By Joyce Jones


Time is Money

So Get Organized To Make The Most Of It

Macey Bullock’s ebony desk is usually hidden beneath piles of documents. After answering…

By Nicole Graves


Failed But Not Defeated

You can start over after temporary setbacks

Michael A. Grant, J.D., is a motivational consultant and speaker in Nashville, Tennessee

By Michael A. Grant


Racing Toward Excellence

Here's how you can reach the finish line

Do you want to achieve independence of mind, pocket and soul? Read about…

By MarcArthur St. Juste


Faith at Work

It is possible to be spiritual at the office

An unspoken phenomenon is resurfacing in the workplace, and slowly forcing corporations to…

By June Smith Bryant


Buying Luxuries On A Budget

How to save and invest on big ticket luxury items, just like the experts do

We all like nice things. Purchasing a luxury item now and then transports us…

By Jeff Bredenberg


Get More Out Of Your Career

Work Less, Make More tells how to find job fulfillment and earn more money to boot

You have many reasons why you’re not working less and making more. I’ve heard…

By Cassandra Hayes


The Business Factory

Small business incubators are vital to creating thriving new enterprises. Here's how urban communities can band together to build their own.

Della L. Clark compares the West Philadelphia Enterprise Center (WPEC) to major league baseball’s…

By Carolyn M. Brown


The Wall Street Project: What Does It Mean For You?

How Jesse Jackson's focus on the financial markets could make a difference

Jesse Jackson has one of the most distinctive voices in the world. No doubt…

By Eric L. Smith



New york state comptroller H. Carl Mccall is leveraging pension fund dollars into fiscal activism

The squint that sometimes wrinkles his brow could easily be mistaken for a scowl,…

By Matthew S. Scott


Screening for Investment Gold

Thanks to new online software, you can tailor your stock portfolio like the pros

Investors, behold. HERE, in the guise of a simple software package, is your miracle.…

By James A. Anderson


Those Wedding Bell … Greens?

Making sure your fiscal goals are compatible before you hit the altar makes sense. Here's how to ensure a smooth financial road together.

All too often, newlyweds barely make it through the honeymoon phase. They’re soon at…

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox


Where There’s A Will

Having a comprehensive estate plan is not just for the rich. Plan now to make your loved ones' lives easier after you're gone.

For Cicily O’bryant, it was the Death of her husband. For Eugene Parker, it…

By Donald Jay Korn


How To Survive In A Volatile Stock Market

Until the market slowed, a bang-up start to 1998 had investors eager for more. Our experts map out what to expect now.

For investors young and old, experienced or green, it’s head-scratching time. And what’s got…

By James A. Anderson


In The Lead

If you want to be more persuasive and influential in your career, Getting…

By Black Enterprise


Down Home Hospitality

In 1993, after five and a half years as a naval air traffic…

By Donna Ladson