Hotel House Calls

If you get sick while staying at a hotel and don’t know who…

By Ann Brown


Parcels & Passengers

If you’ve booked a vacation package to Mexico or Puerto Rico, don’t be…

By Ann Brown


Cruisin’ Miami

While you're in town on lousiness, find time to explore black life in the city

Sunny Miami is a beautiful city, for both business and pleasure. The people, the…

By Noelle C. Collins


Battling Insurance Fraud

These scams cost the insurance industry $120 billion year--don't be a victim

Like many owners of auto insurance policies, Tanya Greene, 26, thought for sure that…

By Cheryl Coward


The New Array Of IRAs

Here's a tax break that just got better. B.E. checks out the new rules and regulations helping you save for retirement helping you save for retirement or college. .

Jim Miller, 54, knows a good deal when he comes across one. When he…

By Donald Jay Korn


Reading, Writing & Ram

Our schools need private industry and government aid to make education and technology a winning combination .

Enter a third-grade classroom and sweet nostalgia instantly transports you to the magical days…

By Hiawatha Bray


25 HOT Web Sites

We've scoured cyberspace so you won't have to. Here's our list of "must stops" to make the next time you're traveling the Net.

Tired of getting lost in cyberspace and ending up at Web sites that don’t…

By Hiawatha Bray


The Black Digerati

Contrary to popular belief, African Americans are masters and creators of the Information Age. Major players in the field tell us what the future holds. .

Whoever said silicon valley doesn’t have any soul obviously didn’t look in the right…

By Tariq K. Muhammad


Scale great heights…

and reach your potential

Dennis P. Kimbro Ph.D., one of the preeminent African American speakers in the…

By Robyn D. Clarke


How To Get Lucky In Business

Here's the secret to putting the odds in your favor

In Karen Gear’s line of work, dentists’ conventions pop up about as often…

By Kirk Charles


Snapshot Of A Decade

Trial-and-error has taught this photographer some tough? lessons

Growth requires learning, even if the lessons don’t come easy. Just ask Eric Marshall,…

By Hersch Doby


Five Alternative Ways To Finance Your Business

Just because the bank says no, doesn't mean you have to do without .

Are bank loan officers giving you the bum’s rush to the door when you…

By Karen Gutloff



Pamela K. El has been named vice president of marketing communications at U…

By Black Enterprise


Overtime No More

15 ways to be more productive and avoid working long hours

For many, the five-day, 40-hour work week is a distant memory. More individuals are…

By Marcia A. Reed-Woodard


Rather Fight Than Switch

Q: My new boss seems to be trying to push me out, but…

By Cassandra Hayes


Scientific Pursuits

Interested in a career in science? The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and…

By Cassandra Hayes


Damage Control

You can bounce back from an office blunder

Face it, you’ve goofed! As a result, you’ve lost an important account or…

By Monique R. Brown


Investing Philanthropically

Your club can make money doing well--if you use your head

There’s a point that successful investment clubs reach after they’ve been around long enough.…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Attracting The Right Suitor

How cable equipment maker Amphenol coupled up just right

If you thought Amphenol (NYSE: APH) sounded like a stock on the rise…

By James A. Anderson


There’s Strength In Tech Stocks

NCMs Lyons says some stocks in the sector are practically on sale

Ever get the feeling tech stocks are a mystery only Wall Street can solve?…

By James A. Anderson