Travel to the Motherland

If you want to visit Africa in celebration of Black History Month but…

By Ann Brown


BOOK: Down Home Wholesome

AUTHOR: Danella Carter
PRICE: $24.95
CALL: 800-253-6476
This book proves that it’s possible to have…

By Black Enterprise


Before signing up for that yearly special, give your gym a once-over

Is Your Health Club Good For You?

You’ve finally joined your local gym. But beware. A recent study by Boston Medical…

By Ann Brown


How To Spot A Pyramid Scheme

Beware of friends who look you into selling get-rich-quick products

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans fall victim to one of the most…

By Cheryl Coward


Do You Hire In-Home Help?

Here's how to protect yourself from problems down the road

What happens if the professional you’ve hired to help with your children or elderly…

By Noelle C. Collins


Realizing The Dream Deferred

Here are six ways to overcome procrastination and achieve your objective--now

Your deadline is only three hours away, and you Still haven’t started the…

By Iris Randall


A Tough Act To Copy

Susan Reese beat the odds to start her own reprographics business

Like many self-starters, Susan Reese doesn’t put much stock in the word “can’t.” As…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Copping a ‘Tude

A better outlook can be one of the keys to your success

Vernest Dickson’s superYisors in the accounting department of a heavy equipment manufacturing company…



You’ve Got The Power

David Crocker is an organizational change consultant and president of Crocker Associates in…

By David Crocker


Take a load off

Learn How To Achieve More Area Stress Less

You’ve finally secured that breakthrough contract, and your company is performing at maximum efficiency.…

By Kirk Charles


Car Surfing On The Web

Here's a glimpse at the latest auto news, from buying a car on the Internet to choosing a pre-owned car

Are you ready to buy that new car but dread the haggling and headaches…

By Robyn D. Clarke


5 Ways to Make Your Investment Club Prosper

Belonging to an investment club can be a sociable and educational experience. But it takes commitment to make it a money-making venture.

It’s always easiest at the beginning. Whenever your investment clubs meets, everyone is bustling…

By Carolyn M. Brown


How To Set Up A Chamber of Commerce

African America chambers offer black entrepreneurs administrative, technical and financial support. Here's how to get one started in your community.

When a. Bruce Crawley launched the African American Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia in…

By Karen Gutloff


Graduation Day From 8(a)

Here are the steps you need to follow to survive the SBA program

The horror stories are common -place. A wide-eyed black small-business owner enters the Small…

By Joyce Jones


1997 B.E. Golf & Tennis Challenge

The 1997 Black Enteprise/Pepsi Golf & Tennis Challenge scores another year of business deals, fun in the sun and some serious competition

The key to doing business is knowing how to play. Play tennis, play golf…

By Valerie Lynn Gray


Diversity Watch

Two companies' diversity efforts are screened and evaluated by the experts

Last February, we published a special report, “Are Diversity Programs Benefiting African Americans?” The…

By Shari Caudron


Get A Job!… After College

You're about to earn the degree -- now follow these five tips to land your first full-time job

Imagine that graduation day has come and gone. Your college buddy has been accepted…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Challenged But Not Disabled

It's tough breaking into the job market when you're physically challenged. However, with planning and persistence you can overcome barriers to your success.

Since graduating from william paterson University a year ago, Howard Jenkins, a 26-year old…

By Roz Ayres-Williams


Blazing A Path Less Traveled

Find a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life. These individuals have found happiness in unconventional careers.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”…

By Caroline Clarke


Life Atop The Crystal Stair

Rising to the executive suite may seem lofty. These top decision makers tell what price they have to pay for success.

Some say the route to the upper climes of corporate America is along a…

By Cassandra Hayes